Indonesian Sex Scandal

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Indonesia is a conservative country wherein majority of the population are Muslims. They are strictly following the Sharia law to protect the citizen from harmful circumstances and will be punished if found guilty of violating the rules. One example of the country’s rule that must be obeyed is the anti-porn bill.

In view of the fact that sexual predators and pornography are increasing and widely circulated around the world with the help of the Internet and high tech mobile phones, the anti-porn bill was passed to protect children and women against sexual exploitation and to control the increasing immorality among Indonesians. Under this pornography law, anyone who produces, copies, distributes offers and trade pornographic videos and pictures are subject to jail for 12 years with a fine of 6 Billion Rupiah ($800,000).

However, there are still people in the country that disobeyed the law that involves famous celebrities, politicians and even students. Below are some famous controversial sex videos and scandals that shocks the conservative country particularly the Muslim communities.

Lead Singer of Peterpan: Nazril Irham

Nazril Irham

Nazril Irham, also known as Ariel, 30 years of age is the vocalist of a famous band in Indonesia named Peterpan. He became so controversial because of his two sex videos circulating on the Internet with two gorgeous actresses. The first porn video shows that Irham is having sex with his current and famous girlfriend Luna Maya while the second video was with celebrity Cut Tari. The infamous scandal went viral on the internet and became a hot issue. On June 2010, Irham was arrested and defended himself that his porn videos were stolen and posted by somebody else online without his knowledge.

Nevertheless, he was found guilty “The defendant is legitimately and convincingly guilty of giving chances for others to spread, make and provide pornography,” Judge Singgih Budi said. On the other hand, Cut Tari and Luna Maya participated in the case as witnesses. During his trial, many conservative Muslim groups gathered outside the court demanding a ruthless penalty for Irham. He has been charged under Indonesia’s anti-pornography law, which was approved in 2008 to prohibit public display of nudity and actions that could provoke lust. Ariel was sentenced three and a half years with a fine of 250 million Rupiah ($27,692) and was released on parole on July 2012 after serving two years behind bars. After the notorious case blew up, Tifatul Sembring, Communications and Information Minister of the Islamic PKS party, addressed a tighter Internet use content.

 First Indonesia Scandal: Itenas

Itenas sex video

Itenas is the most controversial infamous sex video of 2001 in Indonesia. This video is all about two college student lovers from Bandung having sex in different positions upon celebrating their 23rd months as a couple in a Jakarta hotel. The couple was named Adi and Nanda who were 20 and 19 years of age during that time. They have captured their lovemaking into a film and transferred the footage into a video CD in a video rental store. However, the employee who transferred the video recording made several copies for himself and to his friends such as Hadi Darmato and Sri Rama.

Darmato and Rama produce more copies and sold it to the black market. They named the sex video “Itenas,” a school where the couple was supposedly enrolled. The two students deal enormous humiliation and shame upon knowing that their sex footage circulates all over Indonesia, other Asian countries and on the Internet. Nanda was suspended in school for two semesters while Adi was expelled. Since Indonesia has a firm law on piracy and pornography, Rama and Darmato were found guilty of illegal copying and distributing the Itenas sex video. They were sentenced to jail for nine months.

Zumi Zola & Peni Fernita Scandal Triggers Censourship Debate

Zumi Zola-Peni Fernita

Another scandalous sex affair involves Peni Fernita and actor/politician Zumi Zola. Zumi Zola was accused by Kadir Bernaldi Djemat, also known as Aldi, of having an affair to his wife Peni Fernita. It was reported that Zumi and Fernita’s affair lasted for a year until Aldi discovered it on September 2011 with massive disappointment.

Aldi reported the issue to the police and showed naked photos, sms messages, recorded phone sex of the two prohibited lovers as evidences to file case of adultery between them. However, Zumi and his attorney insisted that the naked photos are not a basis for violating adultery in the Article 248 Criminal Code. However, Fernita stays mum regarding the issue; she is now living with her mom and his son to Aldi.

 Yahya Zaini Sex Scandal

Another sex scandal that distressed the Muslim country is the steamy sex video of an Indonesian politician Yahya Zaina, secretary of the Golkar Party and a Dangdut singer named Maria Eva. This has been the first Indonesia’s political sex scandal that surprises the government community. The video shows Yahya is naked and Eva lies on a bed partially covered by a blanket while they were talking and laughing to each other.

Yahya Zaini

Unfortunately, their captured lust moment circulated on the Internet and various hand phones. It was taped using a mobile phone way back 2004 by Eva but denying she distributed it and lost her mobile phone. During an interview, Eva confessed that she had loved Yahya, who happened to be married during that time, and became pregnant but pressured her by Yahya and his wife to have an abortion.

“He asked me to marry him, but I declined the offer as I don’t want to be his second wife,” added by Eva. This incident made Yahya, who happened to be in Australia for his studies, goes back to Indonesia to face the controversy. However, the result has made the politician to resign from his position in the government.

Sexual pleasures are natural to human beings. However, the majority of Muslim countries considered it as a taboo especially if done outside the marriage. Indonesia considered being one of the conservative countries that prohibits pornography and public display of affection. But still, some Indonesians are breaking the rules and punished if found guilty. It just shows that taboo is more exciting and interesting to people even there are negative consequences behind it.

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